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Gallery Passwords
Each customer gallery for proofs or otherwise will be assigned a unique URL (link) and an associated CASE-SENSITIVE password by Ayer Photography.  This password is required to access the gallery. 

Gallery ScreenShot
Images Selected On Left Appear On Right

Browse Your Gallery      
Except for Albums, Photobooks, Booklets and Canvas Wraps with Floating Frames all other photo products may be purchased online directly from within your gallery.  Once you have clicked on the gallery link and inputted your password you will be able to browse all the proofs (images) within your gallery.  Thumbnails will be located on the left.  The image whose thumbnail is selected on the left will appear large on the right.  If you move your mouse (cursor) over the large image on the right, a pop-up dialog box will appear over the image that will give you the option of viewing additional information about the image or enlarging in a separate window.   
Underneath the selected image on the right you will notice a filename.  Should you have to correspond with your photographer regarding any image, you will need to supply this number to identify which image you are talking about.  If you are making selections for an album, for example, you must use these unique filenames rather than the sequence numbers (which can change) to avoid confusion. 
Also note above the large image on the right, you may click on the Share button to post to facebook or get a link for email.  You will also find a BUY button in the upper right if purchases are permitted from your particular gallery.      . 

Click BUY Button To Purchase Online Prints
Gallery Screenshot Showing BUY Button

Buying A Print, Enlargement, Wall Décor, or Photo Merchandise   
To begin the online gallery buying process, simply CLICK on the BUY button in the upper right above the large selected image on the right.  This will cause a pop-down dialog box to appear giving you the option to
     BUY This Photo   
     BUY Multiple Photos  
     BUY Photo Packages                 

Click First On Photo Packages
Click First On Photo Packages

NEW GALLERY PLATFORM                   

These instructions were originally written for the original gallery platform and I have left them here since it was what many of you are familiar with.  In the new platform you will go to your gallery from our PROOFS page link as before. 
Navigation within the gallery is similar and fairly intuitive, but some things are different. 
First, instead of just moving your mouse over an image to get a dialog box to enlarge, you now just click on the selected image on the right.  This will then make the FILENAME visible, which you will need to communicate selections, as well as the controls to SHARE  and CHANGE SIZE.  These new controls are now simply icons below the image as shown below.           

New SmugMug Site Navigation

If you close the enlarged view and go back to the regular gallery viewer / selector you will also notice that the SHARE and BUY buttons you were used to are replaced.  Instead there is a small SHARE icon below the selected image, and a new ADD TO CART button as shown below. 
If you click on the ADD TO CART button you will be taken to the familiar dialogs you are used to in terms of defining your order and as described in this article.   

SmugMug ADD TO CART Button

After clicking on the ADD TO CART button you will be able to proceed to check out our packages and then individual prints, enlargements, wall décor and photo merchandise options as before. 
Checkout and COUPON use in particular remain exactly the same in the CART as they were in BUY previously. 

Check Our Photo Packages First      
Unless you are very familiar with our purchase options, we strongly recommend most people begin by checking out our PHOTO PACKAGES.  This will show you a series of packages, describe what is in them, and tell you their prices.  In some cases, they are popular combinations of print sizes that will offer you some savings over the ala carte pricing.  For selected small sized prints, like 4x6 and 5x7, where you are unlikely to purchase just a single image or print, packages have been defined to enable you to purchase them two or four at a time at SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS.  Note, that you are not restricted to getting multiple copies of the same image - you may select, for example, two (2) different images when buying a package of two (2) 5x7 prints.                      

Check Our Print Packages First
Scroll Down To See All Of Our Special Print Packages

Once you select a package (such as two 5x7's in our example), you will be presented with a dialog box to drag and drop your selections for each print in the package.  Note that in most of our packages, you are not restricted to getting multiple copies of the same image, but may select a different image for each print in the package, if desired.                             

Drag & Drop Images To Fill Your Package
Drag & Drop Images To Fill Your Package

When you have completed all your selections for your package, click on either of the two ADD TO CART buttons at the top or bottom right of the screen.           

Click ADD TO CART to finsih
To Finish, Click on ADD TO CART

This will take you to your Shopping Cart where you can view your order so far.  If you are finished, you may click on CHECKOUT, or as I have shown in our example, Click on CONTINUE BROWSING to purchase additional items.                   

Continue Browsing For More Images
Continue Browsing For More Images

This will take you back to your gallery.  In our example, we now suggest you click on BUY and then THIS PHOTO from the pop-down dialog box.  This will enable you to see every product that is available for your particular image in your particular gallery.  Not all products are available in all galleries.                            

Click On BUY and then THIS PHOTO
Click on BUY and then THIS PHOTO

Scroll to find the product (size and finish) you are interested in.  Products are grouped into Standard Sizes, Other Sizes, Panoramic, Canvas, etc. and you may jump directly to the group of interest using the shortcuts at the top to the product dialog box.          

Select Product Groupong or Scroll To Find
Select A Product Grouping Or Scroll To Find

In our example, we selected Panoramic Sizes and then Clicked on 24x30.  When we did that our selected image appears on the left with crop lines for the particular aspect ratio of the product selected.  There will also be a description of the product, such as information about the paper or canvas or finish type and in some cases a video link for even more information to help you decide which product will suit your taste the best.             
Once you have found the product / size / finish of interest set the quantity you want next to the product listing.                             

Select A Product For More Information
Select A Product To See Description On Left

Note that should you select a product for which the image is too small (too few pixels) to print properly, the gallery block that product with a WARNING and tell you that you cannot purchase that size product using that image file.  You may then either select a smaller size or another image.                         

The Gallery Will Warn You If The Image Is Too Small For The Selected Print Size

You do not have to worry about the cropping at this point.  You will be given an opportunity to adjust cropping as necessary or as desired for each image and each product selected during Checkout.  
You may select as many images and products as you wish.  Once you have finished with all of your selections and input the quantities desired for each image and product / size / finish, simply Click on CHECKOUT in lower right hand corner of the screen.                    

Click CHECKOUT In Lower Right
Click CHECKOUT When Selections Are Complete

This will take you to your Shopping Cart where you can review your order up to that point.  You will see each product / size, / finish and a thumbnail of the image selected for it, a suggested cropping, and the price for the quantity you specified.              
We strongly recommend that you CHECK THE CROPPING for every single image / product and adjust as necessary or desired.      

Your Shopping Cart - Check Cropping of Each Image

To adjust the cropping for a given image / product, simply CLICK ADJUST next to the image.  It will then give you a dialog box enabling to drag the corners of the cropping outline as desired or needed to capture the part of the image you are interested in.    
When finished Click SAVE CROP.   

Adjust Cropping
Adjust Cropping As Needed Or Desired

Some prints large enough to make wall décor allow you to select a mat and framing option.  To add a mat and / or a frame to your print, simply CLICK on ADD FRAMES AND MORE.      

Mat and Frame Options
MAT and FRAME Options

After enabling Framing, you will be presented with a new dialog box where you can select a mat, a frame, and some specialized mount or finish options.  If you select a frame, it will give you an enlarged view and describe it in more detail.  Select a frame and then a mat, if desired, and then Click SAVE when finished.       

Select Frame Choice
Select Frame Choice

Make Mat Selection
Select A Mat If Desired

Once you have adjusted cropping, rechecked quantities, and made any mat and frame selections and saved them, CLICK on CHECKOUT to proceed to finalize your order.    

Proceed To Checkout
Proceed To Checkout

In the checkout section, you will be given an opportunity to specify where you want the order shipped, how you want it shipped and how you want to pay for your order.        
First up, is a dialog box to input where you want the order shipped.  This does not have to be the buyer's location.  The order can be shipped as a gift and delivered directly to the recipient.   

Send Order As  A Gift - Delivered Directly
Input Where You Want The Order Delivered

When Shipping Address is complete, Click on SHIPPING OPTIONS.  This dialog will allow you to specify the shipping method and whether you need expedited service.   

Specify Shipping Options
Specify Shipping Options

When complete, Click on NEXT: PAYMENT INFO to specify how you will pay for your order.  This is where you will be asked for a COUPON CODE if you have one for a Pre-Paid Print Credit or are taking advantage of one of our periodic specials.      

Payment Info Screen & Coupon Code Input

When the Payment Info Section is complete, Click on NEXT: REVIEW ORDER.  This will give you one last chance to review your order and make sure your information is correct and as you intended it.  When you have finished your final review and are sure it is correct, SUBMIT YOUR ORDER by Clicking on PLACE MY ORDER to finalize it.    
You will receive a confirmation by email.  
When your order ships, you will receive a notification by email with a tracking number if appropriate for the shipping method you selected.   
Thank you for shopping at Ayer Photography of Vermont!         

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